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Annette Lacey

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Dear Friend,

Like many people, maybe even yourself, I joined the “Twitter Bandwagon” a few months ago after hearing all the buzz about it. I went ahead and made a simple profile and occasionally would make a post about what I was up to during the day.

I looked up a few of my friends who were also on Twitter and followed them. Every once in a while, I'd check to see who was following me and manually “follow them back”.

After a couple months I had just a few “tweets” posted, and just over 100 followers on my profile. Basically, I was just using it to keep tabs on a few people and bounce jokes back and forth with a couple of friends.

I didn't really see any marketing potential in Twitter at all.

Sound familiar?

That's when one of my friends mentioned that Twitter was actually a pretty good source for targeted traffic. I couldn't imagine there's was any truth to that – it seemed just like a fun place to hang out.

Even so, I thought I'd test and see if his claim had any merit. So in my next tweet, I mentioned a URL to a page on one of my sites. Imagine my surprise when, even with only just over 100 followers, that little tweet brought a dozen visitors to my site within minutes.

Free Instant Traffic

Now, a dozen visitors may not seem like much – but neither does just one hundred followers.

Right then though, I knew if I could quickly scale things up and grow the number of people “following” my Twitter profile - especially if they were targeted followers interested in the same things I was – I would have an excellent place to brand myself, generate targeted traffic, and increase my profits.

There were a few problems though -

  • I didn't want to blast my lists and annoy them to “follow me” on Twitter. Seems like everyone and their brother is doing that these days. (Many people don't have a list to blast anyways.) Plus, what was the point in having the same people already on my lists following me? I wanted a source of NEW people to network with,
  • I didn't want to have to manually search for other targeted profiles and “follow” them one by one in the hopes that they would follow me back – that would be too time consuming.
  • I didn't want to have to spend too much time managing and growing my list of Twitter followers. I wanted a “set and forget” method that would get my Twitter profile to go viral – with new folks following me every day, with little if any further effort on my part.
  • I wanted to find a system that would not be spammy or blackhat in any way. In fact, I wanted a system that anyone could use and benefit from - without violating any Twitter etiquette.
  • Most importantly, my system had to use only FREE resources.

With these points in mind, I started researching successful profiles on Twitter – the ones with at least one thousand followers. Then, I started looking at all the free 3rd-party tools that work with Twitter. My hope was that I could uncover a free system already available that would do what I wanted.

but none was to be found.

So I Decided To Create My Own!

To make a long story short, after much research, testing and tweaking, I came up with a system that combined the power of free third-party Twitter tools along with a unique and simple to create one-line "code" based on a social engineering technique I had learned.

Had I Uncovered The Answer? Would It Work?

If my design was right - when all of these were run at the same time, it appeared to me that they might work in synergy to create a "follower virus" that would automate the growth of my targeted network of followers on Twitter.

Of course, it was all just theory, but I soon decided it was finally time to infect my Twitter profile with my new Tweet Virus and see what would happen.

I Launched And "Infected" Twitter With My Tweet Virus

Imagine my amazement as I watched the number of targeted followers on my profile starting to grow - first by a few dozen each day...

...and by the end of the week literally SNOWBALLING into the hundreds!

In fact, within ten days, I had over 1,000 followers on my Twitter profile!

And I had only spent a few minutes each day managing my Tweet Virus to accomplish this.

Eventually I had to slow the "virus" down to make certain that I didn't end up with tons of non-targeted followers on my profile.

I currently have over 1300 followers on my profile, and this number is now growing at a steady but controlled pace with 5-10 more new targeted followers every day - hands free.

And these followers are responsive too. In fact, my Twitter profile has been responsible for literally hundreds of extra dollars in new business in just the past week. I now rank it as one of my most valuable assets – right up there with my customer lists.

Your own Tweet Virus can do the same for YOU!

As a fellow online marketer, I know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. To stay competitive, you need to be the first to use and apply new and effective marketing techniques like this.

Because of that, I've decided to share the exact system I used to create and launch my Tweet Virus with a VERY LIMITED number of people who see the power and potential this system offers.

If you believe that you could benefit from an automated system that provides a continually growing network of targeted contacts for traffic, branding and profits, you might be the right kind of person to learn my Tweet Virus system.

If so, I have written out my complete 5-Phase Tweet Virus system in step-by-step format, including screen shots and easy to follow instructions, making it possible for anyone who is fortunate enough to get their hands on this material to launch a Tweet Virus of their own.

In Tweet Virus you will learn:

  • How to quickly and easily set up your Twitter Profile to prepare it for YOUR Tweet Virus. (Even if you already have a Twitter profile, you'll want to read this section for insider techniques you may have missed.)
  • Your step-by-step instructions for tweaking this FREE third party service that will automatically spread your Tweet Virus.
  • Your secret yet easy to use viral tweet code designed to ensure your followers will grow virally – by putting other successful Twitter profiles to work FOR YOU – with their thanks! I haven't seen anyone else using this viral tweet code even though it's the most important part of your Tweet Virus. (You'll learn how to tweak this code to work with YOUR niche to ensure targeted followers continue to join your profile daily - and automatically.)
  • The virtually unknown FREE resource you will use to automatically "infect" Twitter with your Tweet Virus, creating an ever growing network of followers. And it takes only minutes to do!
  • How to slow the rate of infection down once you've reached your first few hundred or thousand followers to ensure your followers remain targeted. (And why this is SO important.)
  • How to effectively manage your Tweet Virus so you don't set off any alarms at Twitter or violate etiquette or TOS.
  • How to communicate effectively with your growing network of followers to brand yourself and generate targeted traffic and profits – without coming across as “spammy” or annoying. (In fact, people will be THANKING YOU for being there!)

With your copy of Tweet Virus, you'll have in your hands the EXACT blueprint you need to follow to copy my success and launch a powerful Tweet Virus of your own.

Only A Select Few Will Learn My System

Even though I can swear to you that my Tweet Virus system is not a blackhat method - the fact is, in the hands of the wrong person, a large and growing network of targeted followers on Twitter could very well be used for dark and nefarious purposes.

In your copy of Tweet Virus, I specifically explain how to CORRECTLY use your Twitter follower network for branding, traffic and profits that creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. Eventually though, this information will likely get into the wrong hands, as powerful information always does.

I want to keep that from happening for as long as possible, and meanwhile make sure that this system is used FIRST by serious, ethical marketers like yourself right away so you can take advantage and profit from your own Tweet Virus.

With that in mind, I have decided the best thing to do is to offer Tweet Virus at an extremely reasonable price, but strictly limit the number of copies I release.

Although I am offering this information at much, much less than the hundreds and even thousands of dollars your Twitter follower network could soon be generating for you, I am guaranteeing this information at this price only to the first 300 people who act.

And since the price is just $27, I suspect this offer will be closing very, very soon.

If you are ready to launch a Tweet Virus of your own, just click the order button below to get your copy of Tweet Virus before this offer ends.

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But only if you act now.

Annette Lacey

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