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Attention: This Method Has Never Been Discussed Before... Anywhere!


"Discover The Simple Copy & Paste Traffic Method That Will Break Into Any Niche, The More Competition the Better!... 100% Guaranteed"








From the Desk of: Annette Lacey



Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,


Have you read the book by Seth Godin, Purple Cow?


Well... if not.. you really should... It talks about being remarkable... but what's important here is, it talks about marketing to the innovators and early adopters of a niche... what Seth likes to call SNEEZERS...



The method you are about to discover... focuses on getting the attention of none other than SNEEZERS!


"This Method Will Work... No Matter

What Type of Site You Have!"


Maybe you are an affiliate for someone else's ebook or maybe you own your own products. You can promote digital information products or physical goods like food supplements (or whatever else). You can promote "pay-per-sale" or "pay-per-lead" products. You can have Adsense on your pages - it doesn't matter.


What's even better is that you can get traffic from it in as little as 24 hours, the traffic will be super high quality and you will need to do almost zero work!




  • It's NOT about spamming the search engines with 1000s of pages of crap!

  • It's NOT about spending an arm and a leg with Google Adwords only to wake up the next morning  to find out that you didn't make a single sale!

  • It's NOT about buying links from "link brokers" or "link farms"!

  • It's NOT about "WEB 2.0", "Social Bookmarking" or whatever the new flavor of the day is!

  • It's NOT about using classified ad sites to "get your offer in there"!

  • It's NOT about spending all day writing articles hoping that "someone" will "pick them up" and send you some visitors!

  • It's NOT about begging Joint Venture partners to "blast your offer" or having thousands of clueless affiliates who won't make a single sale!

  • It's NOT about Blogs, Wordpress Plugins or any method that requires you to be technical







  • It IS for YOU if you want to start getting traffic to your site in as little as 24 hours (I designed this system for myself first and foremost, because I get very impatient at times)


  • It IS for YOU if you are sick and tired of all the changes in the Google algorithms and "Google Slaps"


  • It IS for YOU if you are lazy or too busy to "babysit" your traffic method


  • It IS for YOU if you are short on cash and don't want to gamble with your money. With this system, you will be making money before you actually pay anything (and again, this has got nothing to do with affiliates or Joint Venture partners)



"This Method Has Never Been Discussed Before In Any Other Ebook, DVD or Seminar And I Doubt It Will Be Explained Again!"



Well, for the most part, traffic methods are separated into free and paid ones.


An example of a "free" traffic method is Search Engine Optimization. You pay nothing when  someone clicks on one of your search engine listings.


However, SEO can be very complex, technical, time-consuming and unstable - you can wake up the next morning and all your rankings may be gone. That's no way to run a business.


An example of a "paid" traffic method is Pay-Per-Click advertising. You can have traffic in hours (or even minutes) to your website.


However, PPC can be expensive and eat through your budget faster than you can say "Google Adwords." Many marketers have lost their shirts with this method - with few if any sales to show for it.


I'm not saying that SEO or PPC are useless. If you know what you are doing (and, if you get a little lucky) you can do very well with them. However, out of necessity, I sat down and thought...


"What if There Was a Method That Combined the Virtues of SEO and PPC Without the Faults?"


And thus, The Traffic Hybrid System was born. It's about "paying" for a "free" method - but with several twists.


In one sentence, this system is about having other people posting on forums in your industry promoting your products (or products you are an affiliate for). The forums in your industry are where most of your buyers/sneezers hang out - and you can tap into that!


BUT, the system is not as simple as it sounds. There are MANY mistakes you can make if you don't know what you are doing. Of course, if you DO know what you are doing, you can earn the maximum amount of money with the minimum smount of time and effort.




"If Google Has Been Kicking Your Ass,
Now Is The Time To Kick Theirs!"






  • First of all, it's F-A-S-T. Once a post is made on a forum, many of the forum members will read it and then visit the website that is in the "signature file" at the bottom of the posts.


  • It's L-A-Z-Y. Many people don't have the energy or time to spend all their time posting on forums. That's why you will let someone ELSE do the dirty work while you enjoy your life


  • It's C-H-E-A-P! I'll show you how to find people who will make intelligent, friendly posts on relevant forums - and they will do it for less than minimum wage! (hint: If they enjoy doing it, they won't charge you as much and their posts will actually be higher quality :-). On a "per click" basis, it's much more affordable than PPC!


  • It's S-A-F-E. You will not pay any money upfront. You will be making the sales from your affiliate products (or your own products) and you will be paying AFTER that (typically after 20-30 days of the first post - and even that is negotiable).


  • It's S-C-A-L-A-B-L-E! This is a big one: Many people struggle because they spend $5 a day and make back $10 (for a profit of $5). But what if you spent $50 to make $100? Or $500 to make $1000? Once you find a good market, you can hire TEN people o post for you in that market (or even in different markets) - and again, you don't pay them upfront!


  • It's S-T-A-B-L-E AND S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-L-E! You don't have to worry about Google de-indexing your site or changing their algorithm. And, once you get the ball rolling, you just keep paying the good people who post for you and they will be happy to continue doing so. You will be writing small checks to receive bigger checks.





  • Why forums are one of the most overlooked goldmines on the internet...

  • How to use forums to find out what your market really wants to buy...

  • How to pick a forum "username" that will help you make more money (short-term AND long-term).

  • How to set up an effective "signature file" - very few people know how to PROPERLY use signature files...

  • Techniques to use when you want to promote a product as an affiliate or even as a merchant (when you are promoting your own product).

  • A sneaky trick to make more money from every single forum you visit...

  • How to increase the profitability of your signature file by 200%, 300% or even 400% - instantly!

  • How to use forums to instantly get up to hundreds of backlinks to your sites. Links from big authority sites (like forums) can boost your search engine rankings practically overnight!

  • How to track your traffic from each individual forum you post on...

  • How to draw even more attention to your signature file so you drive even more traffic to your offers.

  • How to earn a living on the internet WITHOUT posting all day on forums. We are all lazy so the last thing we want to do is spend all day posting. It's about working SMART - and NOT hard.

  • How to really post on forums for maximum effect...

  • How to create controversy and posts that get many views (without becoming hated :-))

  • How to find the biggest forums in any niche quickly and easily...

  • How to create an effective offer. You have several options here (probably more than you realize) so don't be closed-minded :-)

  • Live examples of effective "squeeze" pages (or "name-capture" pages). These are great to get inspiration from in order to create your own. Start building your list today!

  • Two "old school" techniques for creating a high visitor value on your page (so that your visitors spend more with you). These have been proven to work again and again - and yet, almost nobody uses them!

  • How to completely outsource the research of high-traffic forums in your market. You can pay someone a few bucks and they will find you forums that get tons of traffic everyday!

  • How to outsource the boring task of forum posting the RIGHT way: This is where most people will get it all wrong! You can find people who will post for you all day long - and their posts will be quality, they will love their job and they will be cheap too!

  • A really sneaky way to use other members of a forum so they do your "dirty work" for you. Don't worry - it's perfectly legal and ethical...

  • Copy-and-paste templates you can use to have others do all the work for you! I have done all the work FOR you so you don't have to...







"One of the Most Inventive Products About Traffic Generation to Date..."


First, what can I say but AWESOME MAN! That was probably one of the most inventive products about traffic generation to date. I really felt compelled to read on until I finished the whole thing. And, the refreshing way you approached generating traffic is something that any person can do. . . EASILY TOO!


I'm so glad you put this idea on Traffic Generation out on the Market George. It's wonderful to smell something new and fresh every once in a while and your product does just that. I am proud to have a copy of it. And if anyone else is looking for a different, easy, and above all UNIQUE way to start driving TARGETED TRAFFIC to their sites, then this is the ONE product they need to get, study, and take IMMEDIATE ACTION with.



Tracy Yates



"...a TRUE Blueprint on how to go and dominate any niche"


This report is extremely powerful. When I first started to read the report, I was like "oh, not again� because I have read too many e-books about this topic and I have used this concept myself.


After I finished reading every page, "All I have to say is thanks George for making me feel stupid�. It felt like my eyes where finally open and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.


This easy to implement system has put all the pieces together for me and it has shown me a TRUE Blueprint on how to go and dominate any niche.


Thanks George for making my life easier and more profitable. Now I am off to recommend this e-book implement your system.


Richard Perez



" took it to a totally different level"


Just got done reading it your report.


That is some great info. It's a method I've been using, but you took it to a totally different level. I simply cannot wait to use it myself and watch my sales soar.


Floyd Fisher









"This concept is a real money maker..."


I just got through reading your "Traffic Hybrid System". Great stuff! I'm impressed by how you combined several profitable traffic strategies into a unique traffic funnel. This concept is a real money maker for anyone who takes action.


AJ Smith



"For a Non-Techie Like Me, This is a Breath of Fresh Air"


I got to read your Traffic Hybrid System and I like it.  Your step-by-step methods are very easy to apply. For a non-techie like me, this is a breath of fresh air.


It's not SEO nor PPC; it's much fun and simpler to do than any of the other traffic methods I've come to know.


You laid out the steps in a very reader-friendly and "complete" manner that even a certified moron can do this successfully. Fantastic report!


Michael Lee



"...A Concise and Complete Marketing Strategy..."


Traffic Hybrid System  is not just about getting traffic to a website, but I found to be a concise and complete marketing stategy, that summarises the practical information to be found in other high cost manuals on marketing.
We often hear about the traffic to be gained from using forums, but it can be a time intensive exercise, with poor rewards if not approached in the right manner ... your manual solves that problem.
A useful section I found was how to go about enlisting the help of people when out-sourcing, how to approach them and the example of showing what to do when things go wrong and when things go right.
This will rekindle my interest in forums as a marketing strategy.
Geoff Whitefield



"Of All of the "Get Traffic," eBooks Out There, Yours is No Doubt the Very Best!"


Your ebook ROCKS. As soon as I got it, I thought to myself, "I just hit the gold!"


Within 2 hours of reading and analyzing your ebook, I got started myself.

And was I EXCITED!


Of all of the "get traffic," ebooks out there, yours is no doubt the very best!


Yatrik Solanki




As with everything I do and teach, there is work involved. If you still expect to grow your business by doing nothing then this course is not for you.


Let me stress... it is NOT hard!


Nothing In Internet Marketing is HARD.
So Please, Spare Me the “It's Too Hard” Speech
Because it Simply is Not True...

Everything can be broken down into manageable chunks and then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.



This Isn't For Everybody...

and It May Not Be for You!


I know what you're thinking... A lot of products have been designed for beginners, while a lot of them are for more advanced marketers, so which one is this?


I've designed this course so that everybody will benefit from it. Whether you're just getting started and don't even have a site up yet, or you're like me and have been around forever, you'll benefit from my knowledge.


Still, this product may not be for you...regardless of your level of marketing experience.


What I mean by that is...

It Won't Just Magically Add Money to Your Bank Account Simply by Having These Files on Your Computer....

Of course, if you're willing to do a little bit of work to get things going, this system is for you. And it's something that will change your life in a big way-- more money, more time, and more happiness.



I won't say anything more to try to "convince you" to purchase this manual. If you have read the bullets and testimonials above, you understand that this is killer stuff.


No mind-games as far as the price goes either.


Don't pass this up. I have included in this manual some stuff that I originally wanted to keep out of it. And there's no doubt in my mind that I will regret saying some of the things I mention in it (you'll understand why when you get your copy).


The Hybrid Traffic System is of course 100% guaranteed.


I know this manual will knock your socks off - so I risk nothing by guaranteeing your success:



100% Money-Back Guarantee


I'll make my guarantee as simple as possible:


If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply ask for your money back within 8 weeks of your purchase. I guarantee 100% of your money back.


It's that simple.


Fair enough? I hope so.