Online Time Management Secrets

Want To Spend Less Time On Your Online Business And Have More Personal Time.

“Learn How You Can Spend Only 2 Hours
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Stop Working Like A Slave On Your Online Business
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From The Desk Of Rev. Annette Lacey 

Dear Friend, 

Did you know that the majority of people who work on their own online business, are actually working more hours than their last 9-5 full time job? 

It’s true so don’t be disappointed because there are many others like you who are spending many hours each day on their business and neglecting their family. 

The terrifying fact is, even the successful entrepreneurs are having problems getting more free time. The dream of working a few hours a day with an online business and spending the rest of the time enjoying life don't exist anymore. There’s just too many things to do and decisions to make to run a business. 

But is it really because there are too many tasks to do for an online business? Or is it because you don’t know how to manage your time? 

Time Management Is A Solution?

Learning how to manage your time is a solution to this problem. However, general information on time management in the bookstores won’t help you. The reason is because general time management books are not focussed on running an online business. 

Those books consist of techniques which help you to manage your time with chores, office work and family life.  

What you need is time management advice that is strictly related to running an online business.  You need to learn what software to use that will automate your tasks and save you time. 

Information such as how to organize your reading, outsource your tasks and how to grow your online business without working like a slave, are what you need to know. 

A normal time management book simply will not offer these kind of information.

This Is Your Problem

There’s a huge amount of information which you need to learn to run an online business. 

There are always new online marketing information and new technology which you can use for your business every day. It's time consuming to learn them all and it becomes a full time job by itself.

You need to know what information to learn so you can apply them to running your online business. 

Knowing how to organize your life and planning your day is not enough. You need to know what habits to adopt when working online and how to automate your tasks so that you do the work once – and the rest is automated. 

Time Management Secrets
For The Online Business Owner

This book is packed full of information and strategies that will help you work, manage and leverage your online business so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time working on it.


Whether you’re struggling with your online business or already making a handsome profit, you will gain several hours of extra time each week from using the techniques in this book. 

Use this extra time and spend it with your family. Go to the movies, work on your hobbies and enjoy time with your friends. This book will help you gain what your money can’t buy…PERSONAL TIME

The strategies covered in the book include: 

  • 3 basic habits you need to effectively make use of your time
  • Using a master plan and detailed plan to laser focus on your tasks
  • How to organize your reading and business information
  • Techniques on working smarter so that you don't spend time on tedious tasks
  • Proper way of working so that you’re always motivated
  • Software and tools to save you time on your online business
  • How to leverage and make use of your work and past efforts
  • Techniques for prioritizing your tasks
  • How to improve your skills and reduce your work up to 400% each day
  • How to tackle big projects
  • And much, much more…

 The real value of this book depends on
how much you value your time.


If your monthly income is $4,000 and you currently spend 4 hours on weekdays working on your business, your hourly wage works out to be $46. Saving 2 hours of work each day will mean a saving of $92. A month of work translates into $2,024 saved. 

That is how much value the information in the book will provide you. 

This 25 page report won’t cost you $2,024 which is what you’ll realistically save each month. It’s priced at $27 which is steal for the value it provides.  Using just one tip from “Online Time Management Secrets”, will save you well over $27 on your first day. 

Like all my products, here's my personal guarantee so that you’ll have no risk with your order. 


Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee 

You can read and apply the techniques from “Online Time Management Secrets” after making payment.  

If at anytime during the next 90 days, you feel you haven’t managed to save at least 30 working hours a month, just email me for a refund. 

I’m very confident that the information in this book will work for you no matter what type of online business you do, which is why I’m giving such an unbelievable guarantee. 

Go ahead and download the book. If you’re disappointed just email me and I’ll return every cent. No questions asked.


Download “Online Time Management Secrets”
And Immediately Increase Your
Personal Time  Up To 2 Hours Per Day! 

To Your Awesome Success,

Rev. Annette Lacey

P.S. If you apply the techniques from the book, there’s no way you won’t be able to save at least 30 working hours a month! 

P.P.S. With a 90 days money back guarantee, you can test out the time management tips in the book without any risk. Just use one tip and you’ll get more than your investment back.