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From the Desk of Rev. Annette Lacey
RE: Becoming a Millionaire Blogger

Dear Blogger,

   Are you struggling to make a decent living online?

   If you are, what you're about to read on this page will forever shatter your pre-conceived notions about what it really takes to make money from your blog.

MYTH #1 - Advertising is A Great Way To Make Money

No! Advertising is NOT a great way to make money blog. Not unless you're CNN, Engadget or TechCrunch, that is!

The brutal fact is, unless you can somehow get millions of pageviews and a few hundred thousand visitors a month, no one will even think about spending advertising dollars on your blog!

MYTH #2 - Write Good Content and The Money Will Come

Yeah right! Whenever I hear some say "Just write good content and the money will come.." I know for a fact that he hasn't the slightest idea what he's talking about. The truth is, no matter how well you write you'll never make money online unless (I'll get to that in a while)..

Myth #3 - Get Massive Traffic and You'll Make Lots of Money

Sure, if you get traffic you will eventually make some money on the Internet. But the fact is, 95% of people who read your blog today will never come back. That literally mean you're just making a meager 5% of what you could really be making, if only you knew the secret..

So what is the REAL secret to getting rich from all your blogging efforts?


Millionaire Bloggers Focus on Just Thing - Building a Bigger Subscriber List!

box medium   It's true..

   If you look at the bloggers who really make a killing online from their blogs, they all focus on just one thing - building a massive subscriber list via RSS or email.

   Nothing else really matters!

   Unless you know how to get one-time readers to surrender their names and email addresses - or get them to subscribe to your RSS feed - you will be in the same league as the A-list bloggers.

   But, just putting up your FeedBurner RSS feed or FeedBurner email subscription form just isn't enough anymore. There's way too much "noise" on the Internet right now, as every day thousands of new blogs are created.

   You need to step up your marketing efforts, and start building a subscriber list aggressively using the latest marketing tools and tactics - just like the millionaire bloggers do.

   With RSS to Email I will reveal secret tactics that only a handful of bloggers use to make a six-figure income on the Internet - RSS to Email!

Though our simple yet powerful step-by-step video instructions, you'll discover:

create feedburner

How to Sign-up for FeedBurner & Set-up Your First RSS Feed

FeedBurner is the "de facto" subscription tool for any blogger, and you need to use it to manage your RSS feeds.

In this video I reveal how to start a FeedBurner account and create your first feed, as well as the important optimization options you need to know about.

redirect feedburner

How to Redirect your Default WordPress Feed to FeedBurner

In this video, I show you how to redirect your default WordPress RSS feed to FeedBurner, so you'll never miss a single subscriber ever again!

Discover which WordPress plugins you need, as well as step-by-step instructions on making a perfect migration.

aweber introduction

Fast Start Guide to Aweber and Email Marketing

This videos reveals everything you need to know about using Aweber for the first time.

In this simple "walk through" you'll discover all the key components of Aweber in the shortest time possible.

aweber trial

How to Get A New Aweber Account for just $1.00

Although you can sign-up for the regular Aweber package, I'll reveal how you can get started by paying just $1.00 for your first month.

Why pay more when you can easily use Aweber's $1 coupon, and spend the rest of your hard-earned cash on something else?

aweber setup

Setting Up Your First Aweber Email List in Under 10 Minutes

In this video I take you by the hands and show you how to set-up your first Aweber list - from naming your list right up to creating a web form to capture names and email addresses.

blog broadcast

How to Create a New Blog Broadcast

Before you can use "RSS to Email", you'll need to set-up a "Blog Broadcast" in your Aweber account and link it to your blog's RSS feed. I reveal exactly how to do this and the most important things to avoid.

aweber in wordpress

How to Put Aweber's Opt-in Forms to Your WordPress Blog

In this video you'll discover how to get your Aweber optin form codes, and put them in your WordPress blog's sidebar as well as in individual posts and pages.

aweber case study

Real Life RSS To Email Case Studies Revealed

In this video, you'll get to see real-life examples of bloggers who have successfully used RSS-to-Email techniques to build a subscriber list of thousands. See how they do it, and steal their strategies for your own campaigns.

getresponse free

How to Sign-up for GetResponse for FREE

A great alternative to using Aweber, GetResponse also allows you to use RSS to Email strategies. I'll reveal how it works as well as how to sign-up for a FREE GetResponse account. Get started in under 5 minutes.

getresponse set-up

How to Create a GetResponse "Blog Announce" List

I'll take you step-by-step to create your first GetResponse list, syndicate your latest blog posts using the "Blog Announce" feature, and put the optin codes on your WordPress blog.



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Rev. Annette Lacey

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Rev. Annette Lacey